Tama 38: All the benefits

  1. Improves the value of the apartment, improves the quality of life and saves a great financial expense. And some important benefits of the plan 38  Plan 38 is an effective solution strengthening of structures built before January 1, 1980 and is exposed to real danger of serious injury and even collapse in the event of an earthquake. Implementation of the plan allows for the residents enjoy peace of mind, building upgrades and other additional benefits that enhance their quality of life.

Raising the value of the asset and upgrading the quality of life Tama 38 allows occupants to enjoy the expansion space by adding apartment building there is room, adding a space or a balcony – all event planning and engineering constraints allow, and with the approval of the Planning and Construction. In addition, the project includes most repair of the outer shell of the building, installing an elevator, exterior infrastructure News (electricity, water, telecommunications, sewer, etc.), renovation of common areas such as the lobby and stairwell, development gardens and driveways comfortable, Training storage (warehouses), Early training facilities and other areas. This means improving the quality of life of residents, as well a significant enhancement of the value of the building and the apartments, which can range from 20% to 30%.

 Significant financial savings Renovation or upgrading of an apartment in a residential building common areas (for example, installing an elevator or stair renovation) involve substantial expense for homeowners. When the upgrade also includes building additions and reinforcements, then it also involves prolonged processes of issuance of building permits. On the other hand, money saving plan 38: entrepreneur operation topic at any cost consolidation, renovation and construction, in exchange for additional building rights – on the roof of the building and the closing pages floor. This means that at the end of the process tenants enjoy a modern building, spacious apartments more appropriate, and sometimes greater, without any expense on their part. Solution dangerous structures Framework of its powers, a local authority may declare the building as a dangerous structure if it meets certain criteria set forth. This structure is suffering from various deficiencies (such as damaged pages, peeling plaster, exposed iron, etc.) may endanger the building occupants or passers-by on the street. In this case, landlords are required to fix any flaws at their expense within a specified time. Ignore the instructions exposes the apartment owners to criminal prosecution, as well as the introduction of building a list of “dangerous buildings” – a move that signifies a decrease in the value of the apartments. Here, too, you can plan 38 assist, while correcting the defects occurs in the framework of the reinforcement work and innovation of the entire building. This means that to comply with the local authority and enhance the value of the building and apartments – no expense.

Building renovation demand solution Some local authorities may require homeowners to renovate the buildings every few years. For example, in July 2010, the Tel Aviv Municipality bylaw stating that a building should be renovated for 15 years. Apartment owners in case they fail to comply, the municipality will perform the renovation at its own expense – and will file a claim repayment of the total costs. It should be noted that the requirement of the local authority does not include the expansion of the apartments, but only care building itself (such as pages, Relocate conditioners, hiding cables etc.). Instead of carrying large financial expenses, that case can also do the renovations required for plan 38. This means that even full compliance with the requirements of the local authority and the renovation and upgrading Hvenein- when any operation costs entrepreneur topic.

Tama 38 – first come first served Interior Ministry Planning Director and local authorities are working on a plan 38 across the country, but however, there are certain restrictions on the program for fear of the possible effects of the plan 38 on the living environment. Local planning authorities should also take into account considerations such as population density, traffic, infrastructure and public services, and therefore in some cities set limits on the number of housing units that can be added to any area in the city. For this reason, as the number of requests to carry out the plan 38 within the boundaries of a local authority, the more likely that some of them will not be approved or partially approved (eg approval of strengthening the building, while limiting the number of new housing units). This means that as the request to carry out the plan 38 will be served faster, the more likely the full approval of the plan.

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