Installation of “smart house” – not cheap, but it greatly improves the quality of life, increases personal safety and saves valuable time. And, last but not least – reduces energy consumption and is environmentally friendly.

Imagine that you dwell in your house in the winter cold day, and – lo and behold – the house is warm and cozy, the light is lit on the background of pleasant music. At heart you are waiting for warm water. It looks like a fantasy? – Not really. The new system “smart house” significantly improve the quality of life of residents in the house.

“Smart House» (Home Automation) – one of the hottest trends in the field of housing. This concept refers to a residential structure (condominium, apartment or private house), which is installed computerized control system that controls a variety of systems and devices.Guy Kaminets designer, manufacturer and installer of “smart house”, as well as a consultant “Magshimim Nekhasim” notes that the correct design of the system “smart house” includes the integration of all electrical systems in the house. Today, “smart house” allows you to manage, through its various elements, all electrical systems, including: lighting, air conditioning or heating, electric water heater, sound system and home theater (decoder cable / satellite TV, DVD, stereo system, projector, receiver, etc. .), alarm, fire alarm system, CCTV and others. “Smart House” also allows you to control other devices in the house and in the garden, such as curtains, blinds, awnings, canopies Dryer and irrigation system. Proper design and actuation of the “smart home” allows intuitive use of all systems, even without training.

Infrastructure system “smart house”, based on the controllers and sensors can be installed in existing housing units through a wireless system. At the same time, because the installation requires different adjustments infrastructure, including punching walls, much easier to bring it in line with the structure awaiting repair or is in the process of the plan TAMA-38 ( strengthening of buildings and structures in order to reduce the danger of earthquakes ).

Kaminets also notes that when choosing a supplier for the purchase of the “smart house”, it is desirable to make sure that before you an expert who will perform all steps of the process – from requirements specification and drawing to the final installation of the system in the house. This will avoid discrepancies designing the task or the transfer of responsibility for the performance of individual parts of the project from one specialist to another.

The advantages of “smart home” The use of a centralized management system home provides several important advantages, including:

Maximum use of all the new technological capabilities in order to achieve maximum comfort: a single command received from the central system of “smart house” is performed in parallel a large number of operations, such as – turn the TV on, dimming or switching on the lights, open / close the curtain and change temperature of the air conditioner.Significant time savings – no longer need to get up to turn on or off each device individually. Out of the house is now much easier and simpler: using a single command, you can turn off the lights and all appliances and turn the alarm system.Full control of the various systems in the house: the system can at any time to find out where in the house the light is turned on what temperature is set the air conditioner or completed if the washing machine.A complete picture of what is happening in every corner of the house and the garden via messages (SMS or e-mail), which control system will be sent to your cell phone or laptop. In addition, most systems allows active control over what’s happening in the house, even if the tenants do not live in it. Thus, you can enjoy a high level of personal security and peace of mind.You no longer need to use a large number of remote controls that control different systems: All operations are performed centralized control system.Most systems of “smart home”, available today, are modular, ie they can be optimally adapted in accordance with clear needs.Advanced technology allows a significant increase in the standard of living. For example, when the tenants will drop to his home – the light will light up (and even turns off by itself when the system determines that there is no one at home), and when the TV is turned on, the system will be able to make the light in the room brighter or weaker according to predetermined settings.The system of “smart house” also contributes to the interior design of your home, allowing you to hide cables from electrical appliances as are the appliances. Thus, you can create a minimalist, clean, orderly, organized and more aesthetic design of living space.Savings – the light will not illuminate when anyone in the house or not in the room where no one, and if, from the comfort of home, you forgot to turn off air conditioning, take care of this myself. And this is – energy savings.“Smart House” – it is also a concern for the environment. Since the centralized control system automatically controls the switching off lighting and appliances, and can open or close the curtains and blinds, it also means energy savings.People who keep the Sabbath can be controlled by the system on and off lighting and appliances in the automatic mode.Smart home can be a convenient and effective solution for those who suffer from various disabilities.

In the end, despite the fact that the system of “smart home” requires a significant financial investment, on the other hand, it significantly improves the quality of life and personal security and, of course, increases the quality of your property and its value.

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