Investing funds and applying a little creativity, a sunny balcony can be the most pleasant area in the house. We offer a few ideas for exclusive balcony from which you will not want to leave.

Sunny balcony allows you to create a pleasant place where you can relax from the daily routine loaded. Your balcony is empty and lonely? This is your chance to bring together all your ingenuity and creativity and create unique in its design and inviting area. How to do it?

Before buying potted plants and a variety of accessories, it is important to take into account several things:

Size – balcony design is largely dependent on its size. No matter what the size of your balcony, it is important, how to make it better. In a small balcony, you can create the illusion of size by an open floor: using suspension furniture, shelves and lighting, hanging from the wall, and the flower boxes are located on the railing, balcony give a distinct look, not giving them a kind of crowding and congestion.

Furniture – when choosing furniture for the balcony, it is important to take into account the direction in which it is located and how it is open wind, rain and direct sunlight. In addition, it is desirable to determine the number of people that can be accommodated on the balcony: Will balcony quiet isolated area for reading, children’s playroom and a spacious living room?

Lighting – Lighting plays a significant role in creating the atmosphere and comfort on the balcony. You can use spotlights to highlight the presence of a particular object or plants in the games of light and shadow, focused lighting, aimed at reading area or living room, or a lamp located on the wall, giving a dull and soft light to create an atmosphere.

Flooring – if the goal of a balcony – to give the house a feeling of more space, you can oblitsevat balcony tiles whose color matches the color of the tile in the house. Thus, the balcony will look like a natural extension of the living room or bedroom. However, if you are interested to turn balcony in a special corner of your home, it is advisable to lay out his floor tiles corresponding to his character: natural stone thin wooden cover or any other interesting finish.

Vegetation – sunny balcony is the perfect medium for the cultivation of different plant species. Depending on the location and direction of the balcony, as well as the amount of direct sunlight during the day, you can choose plants that will bloom and will be presented with a balcony view of the green and pleasant smell in the air. It is advisable to grow plants in pots or hanging flower boxes so that the floor was open, and create a sense of space, including on small balconies. You can use the vines to create a sense of intimacy and separation from neighbors as well as to combine spices or even miniature fruit trees such as lemon.

Railing – handrail design is performed in accordance with the views from the balcony. View of the sea or the green valley is desirable to emphasize and present through transparent glass railings that will not overshadow it. View of the house next door is much less attractive, therefore, desirable to select opaque railing and even place them on the flower pots to protect the balcony, make it colorful and give it character. Built in the balcony railing (for example, in a rented apartment) also can be decorated with the help of plants and proper illumination.

Creating shade – temporary or permanent canopy over the balcony to make a pleasant stay on it during the scorching sun and in the rain. The possibility of creating a roof or balcony glazing are very diverse. If you are interested to create the feeling of a closed room, which is part of the house, you can take advantage of a permanent roof, such as aluminum-coated or glass windows. On the other hand, in order to create a feeling of light and open balcony, you can use the wooden pergolas or even standing umbrellas.

Theme design – design balcony is an opportunity to express themselves and reflect your interests. Here is a small list of ideas for the decoration of the balcony in accordance with different themes:

Romantic balcony – the perfect place to escape with his half and two glasses of wine at dusk. Thin flooring pleasant for bare feet, wrought iron bench and handmade round table on one leg, and it flowers and an ice bucket. Balcony can illuminate the original street lamps, hung on the walls, glowing a soft yellow light, contributing to create a romantic atmosphere.

Green balcony – garden in the middle of the city. Even if you live in a home where there is no yard, you can turn your balcony into an island of flowers and plants. Sunny balcony is a great environment cultivation of spices, most of which are in need of direct sunlight. There are thousands of species of desert plants from the family of succulents or cacti, blooming in different colors, which can easily be grown in pots and tubs. Paul can be covered with natural stone, which will complement the look and feel of the garden inside the house.

Shanti – balcony – a balcony gives a feeling of affordable vacation. Hanging hammocks and floating chairs for comfortable seating, seating niches covered with cushions, floor covered with woven matting pleasant to the touch and the symbolic lighting of the hanging glass lamps. Such a balcony – an island of tranquility, you will not want to leave.

Balcony-lounge – an ideal meeting place. Carpeted floor or wide matting on which the low sofas or large ottomans. In the center is placed a low wooden table, it is a pitcher with a cool drink, colored bowls or large scented candles.

Get inspiration? This is just a small part of the almost infinite variety of design options balconies, reflecting your unique character, whether – whether you like roast meat on the grill, to conduct gay meeting with friends or just rest and relaxation. It does not matter what you make your choice, the main thing – to have your balcony was a pleasant place for spending time with pleasure.

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