Life Vintage: to live in the conservation

Asset enhancement, the increase in property values, building high standard, accelerated environmental development – and some important benefits of a renovated building conservation program

On the one hand, a contained program preservation of the local authorities is challenging real estate: all the processes of construction and renovation this structure are made subject to a list of strict rules, while restrictions on the use of certain raw materials and process strict supervision in particular. On the other hand, after renovations end – House for offers an exceptional living experience:

unique – last building conservation project provides its residents with a unique experience of living in a nice building and one of a kind conspicuous urban landscape, character and extraordinary architectural style, luxury fragrance theme by combining modern levels with heritage values.

Increase in value – last building occupants benefit from conservation project increased value of the apartments – both for the improvement of the entire property after completion of conservation work, and thanks to the fact that this special building which is part of the history of the State of Israel.

investment in the future – last building preservation process not only boosts property values ​​in the short term, but also an economic investment for the future: the value of the building itself, and, of course apartments found him, is expected to rise in the long term.

Neighbors minority – the vast majority of buildings undergoing preservation project includes a smaller number of dwellings, compared with a modern structure the same area. Hence, tenants benefit from a limited number of neighbors as well as higher demand from interested transition to this type of residential building.

high standard – because of a preservation project is done according to a detailed list of rules that require the body performing the actual procedure is required to present a special professional skills. In other words, it is the meticulous planning, construction materials quality and strict control over all phases of the project, are integrated together to perform to a higher standard than the norm in the property market. The bottom line is quality construction and aesthetic, both areas of common property (such as a stairwell or receiver) and residential areas (apartments).

building rights – in some cities, such as Tel Aviv, provides incentives for local authorities to carry out conservation program in the form of building rights to assist in financing the project, such as construction of apartments on the roof (of course, subject to the conservation of the structure plan). In some cases, the owners of the apartment building rights transfer structure negotiable (which can not be exploited in this building) another structure is not set to the Website is protected. “

ease of engineering – as opposed to a new building being built from scratch and subject to the provisions of law, the preservation of the building occupants benefit from the ease certain engineering authorities, such as parking related benefits, potentially increasing building density and more. Conditions vary one local authority to another.

environmental development – in many cases where this is on a cluster of nearby houses who Conservation (Conservation Area), the local authority supports the project by improving the transportation system, renovation of infrastructure, promoting the opening of small businesses, investing in community activities and cultural events and entertainment. The result: the compound where buildings are undergoing conservation is changing the face, improves the quality of life of its residents and businesses are becoming more sought after area attracts financially based audience – Israeli residents and nonresidents – alongside young population.

Environmental rash – not just residents of the building who Conservation Project are witnessing an increase in property values, but the whole environment (the so-called “second circle” and Third Circle “) from data accumulated over the years shows that the area where the last building process conservation attracts many visitors from the country and foreign tourists, enjoyed flourishing business (opening a new business, as well as growth in existing businesses, such as cafes, restaurants and shops), and attracts many young people interested in apartments lively environment, a unique character and ambience Contemporary with “old fashioned”.

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