How and where to find a Realtor

How and where to find a Realtor

Decided to look for a new home or to sell or rent out the apartment in which you live? One way to simplify the process of finding a new property or new tenants – use the services of a mediator. If you’re a seller, the mediator will advertise your property for you, show it to those who are interested, and will negotiate with potential tenants. If you are looking for an apartment – agent who is familiar with the local market will be able to offer you a property that meets your needs and your budget constraints.

How to choose a realtor?When you are looking for a realtor to help you sell or rent your property, family and friends are the best source of advice known and experienced mediator. In addition, you can search for recommended realtors in forums where issues related to real estate, or a constantly updated list of licensed intermediaries, posted on the website of the Ministry of Justice at the following address: for information on realtors in the Internet – whether it contains an active site, brings to your attention the article, professional content and recommendations? Do positive reviews about it on the forums devoted to real estate issues? He publishes information about yourself on the message boards in the sections of real estate, social networks, or through newsletters?During a meeting with a realtor to ask him about his professional relationships – whether it cooperates with other real estate company? What are the sources of their information about new properties? Whether he has ties among the specialists who can contribute to the conclusion of its transactions – banks, appraisers, contractors, repairmen, lawyers and engineers?Discover the extent to which he is engaged in brokering – getting a real estate license is a simple procedure, it is advisable to test in this regard is whether his work as a realtor additional employment, part-time job or is it his professional activities in the amount of the full rate. Ask him for details about his successful sales, as well as letters of thanks and recommendation from previous clients.Make sure that you have the right realtor to engage in professional real estate activity and its license is valid. Agent – a person who passed the exam and the Ministry of Justice has a license to conduct real estate transactions issued by the registrar of Realtors.If you are interested in buying an apartment from estate agent, check the knowledge and awareness. A professional realtor can provide you with detailed information about the property, which offers, including the characteristics of the population in the desired area, information on education systems, vehicles and infrastructure, crime rates, types of social services, the environment (cellular antennas, high voltage power lines), parks and playgrounds and much more.

How is the amount of commission agent ?Realtor commission – this is his collection for the sale / purchase of an apartment by him. The amount of commission is not fixed in advance and determined by the level of professional experience intermediary cost apartments, the demand for it and, of course, the ability of buyers to bargain.However, in the market of real estate services accepted that the commission charged for the sale of apartments, is 1.5% -2% of its value, and the fee for a safe place is the sum of the 1st monthly payment for it.Israeli law provides that the agent will be entitled to receive commission for his efforts for the sale of the apartment, provided that his clients sign a formal document-order, which will contain the names, addresses and identity card numbers of the mediator; type of transaction for which assistance is required Realtor – rent or sale, property description, the transaction price, commission agreed amount or percentage of the price of the transaction, as well as whether the cost of services includes VAT.In order to be eligible for commissions, the mediator must be “active factor”, which organizes a meeting with the seller by the buyer.

Signing a contract for exclusive representationIn the case of the sale of property, signing a contract for exclusive representation guarantees intermediary payment of commissions in any case, if the apartment was sold within the period specified in the contract – regardless of whether or not the agent active factor in order to sign a deal or not.Advantage of providing exclusive rights to sell real estate is that the mediator will make much more effort to sell it as soon as possible. In addition, it is just between the seller and the interest of buyers frivolous filters, manages and coordinates the visit for sale real estate and direct bargaining on the price of the apartment.To sign the agreement on exclusive rights agent must sign a separate document to the client, which will indicate that the sale of the property lies in an exclusive manner to this intermediary, and the deadlines set for the sale of property. Specified period not to exceed one year from the signing of the sales order.

What can that not beRealtors do not have legal authority pressure on potential buyers and applying for the purpose of signing a temporary contract, participate in the formulation of this document or its editing. In addition, the law prohibits the intermediary to perform the following steps:Actions related to the transfer of ownership and title to the property, such as obtaining a mortgage loan;Legal verification establishes that the property is free from any debts, liens, seizure of property, as well as any obligations in respect of third parties;Checking the project plan property, including counseling or alleged violation of building rules or permits for construction work in respect of the property:Checks related to taxation, apply to transactions or property itself;It is important to emphasize that one of the above actions, the mediator would violate the law. Moreover, it could cost him the loss of rights commission, even if it led to the signing of the contract of sale.

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